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Giant Computer

2020-10-27 02:07 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

SYLVANIA Electric Products have entered the giant-size computer market with their 9400 data processing system. So, 60 years ago, started a story in Electronics Weekly’s edition of November 30th 1960. The story continues: The 9400 is one of the transistor generation incorporating time-sharing facilities. With this system four input-output units can be used. High speed ...

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Module and dev kit run Linux on QCS610 camera SoC

2020-10-26 22:01 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Lantronix has launched an “Open-Q 610 μSOM” module and $995 dev kit that run Linux on Qualcomm’s camera-focused, AI-enabled octa-core QCS610 SoC with triple 4-lane MIPI-CSI interfaces. The Intrinsyc division of Lantronix has announced a tiny Open-Q 610 μSOM compute module and Open-Q 610 μSOM Development Kit that run Yocto Linux on a new Qualcomm […]


Security-as-a-service embedded software protects IoT data in motion

2020-10-26 19:33 Embedded.com Nitin Dahad

A new embedded software module introduced to enable protection of data in motion to and from internet of things (IoT) devices aims to deliver seamlessly integrated security-as-a-service (SECaaS) capability for original equipment device manufacturers and service providers deploying connected products, from smart locks to self-driving automobiles.

The turnkey IoT security solution is a result of collaboration between Privafy, a startup focused on cloud-based security solutions for ‘data in motion’, and Micron, using the latter’s Authenta flash-based root of trust. At the heart of the new solution is Privafy MicroEdge, an embedded software module that enables IoT devices equipped with Micron Authenta flash to leverage Privafy’s data in motion security capabilities. The combination of MicroEdge and Authenta is expected to protect and control traffic to and from the IoT device.

Privafy’s cloud-native SECaaS solution uses Micron’s Authenta key management service (KMS) to create a clone-proof endpoint authentication to onboard the device to a comprehensive list of services, including end-to-end secure connectivity, device lifecycle management and clustering, firewall, malware detection, and distributed denial-of-service protection. IoT product manufacturers can use the solution to manage credentials such as manufacturing, sales, service provisioning across their device ecosystem as well as secure connectivity from IoT devices to the IoT application workloads in public and private clouds.

“The collaboration with Micron delivers a full turnkey solution,” said Privafy’s Sami Nassar, EVP, and chief strategy officer. “Privafy’s cloud-native service will be able to recognize Micron Authenta Flash and activate Authenta-MicroEdge services automatically. There’s no complex software to manage or updates to install; MicroEdge runs seamlessly in the background without adding latency to IoT communications and secures all data-in-motion as it passes between IoT devices and other endpoints.”

Micron’s senior director of segment marketing for its embedded business unit, Amit Gattani, said, “IoT service revenue is expected to grow to over $450 billion annually by 2025 as billions of new IoT devices go online, and cybercriminals are already formulating new ways to compromise them. Micron Authenta flash and KMS provide the security foundation and make it easy to onboard IoT devices to the cloud; now these devices will also have seamless access to Privafy’s MicroEdge suite of cybersecurity services for a full SECaaS solution. Privafy’s MicroEdge is the perfect example of how to deploy an innovative IoT solution with device trust anchored in Authenta technology.”

Privafy, co-founded by executives previously at NXP Semiconductors and Verizon in early 2019, said IoT device manufacturers are challenged to provide device security for data in motion at scale, particularly with micro-sized devices. IoT networks typically use a traditional encryption approach to secure the data transmitted in the network. MQTT and SSL/TLS encryption vulnerabilities, however, have been well documented through high-profile breaches. Additionally, when securing the IoT hubs or data centers, traditional firewall solutions are not integrated with the IoT devices in the network. This fragmented security solution results in allowing cyber criminals to gain access to the network, steal sensitive information, and even gain control of the IoT devices.

Privafy MicroEdge
The combination of Privafy’s MicroEdge and Micron’s Authenta is expected to protect and control traffic to and from the IoT device. (Image: Privafy)

For the IoT device, its Privafy MicroEdge software seamlessly integrates into any IoT device or semiconductor chip used in the device. The company said its software is lightweight and designed to be customized with any type of IoT architecture. The ability to be integrated at the semiconductor chip level provides a secure hardware root-of-trust that follows the zero-trust network approach.

Privafy founder and chairman Rick Clemmer, who was previously CEO of NXP, will deliver a keynote address on cybersecurity at the upcoming Micron and Tata Communications IoT security conference.

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Coffee Lake 3.5-inch SBC has up to three GbE ports

2020-10-26 19:09 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Axiomtek’s 3.5-inch “CAPA520” SBC runs Linux or Win 10 on 8th and 9th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs with triple display and -20 to 60°C support plus up to 3x GbE, 6x USB, 2x SATA, and mini-PCIe and ZIO expansion. Axiomtek has announced a 3.5-inch, Intel Coffee Lake SBC that follows its similar, 6th and 7th […]


ModBerry controller advances to Raspberry Pi CM4

2020-10-26 17:17 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Techbase has opened $272 and up pre-orders on a modular “ModBerry 500 CM4” industrial controller based on the Raspberry Pi CM4. Basic features include GbE, serial, 8-bit DIO, USB, and 1-Wire and options include NVMe, 5G, fieldbus, and digital and analog I/Os. Poland-based Techbase has upgraded its ModBerry 500 line of passively cooled DIN-rail automation […]


Europe Hit Hard

2020-10-26 15:30 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Europe has been hit horribly hard in the new wave with new infections rising twice as fast as the USA in October. Data from Johns Hopkins University, illustrates, that is no longer the case. After successfully keeping new infections at a very low level over the summer, case numbers in Europe started trending upwards ...

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Novel OLED structure could lead to 10,000 ppi displays for VR and AR

2020-10-26 15:13 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

It is possible to double the efficiency of colour OLED displays based on white-emitting material, and achieve 10,000 pixel-per-inch density, by replacing the rear reflector with a meta-material, according to Stanford University researchers. Generally there are two types of colour OLED display: displays with side-by-side patterns of red, green and blue emissive materials, and those ...

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SpaceX completes 100th successful flight of Falcon rocket

2020-10-26 13:07 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

It’s a ton up for Elon Musk’s SpaceX company as it completes the 100th successful flight of a Falcon rocket. This is since Falcon 1 first flew to orbit in 2008. On Saturday October 24, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launched another 60 Starlink satellites to orbit to complete the milestone. The location was Space Launch ...

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New UWB ICs for precise positioning IoT sensors, tags, smart locks

2020-10-26 12:29 Embedded.com Nitin Dahad

NXP Semiconductors has introduced two new ultra-wideband (UWB) technology ICs which are aimed at delivering relative position with a very high level of accuracy for internet of things (IoT) sensors, tags and smart locks.

Under a portfolio of UWB ICs rebranded under the name Trimension, the two new devices, the SR040 and SR150, are dedicated to enabling secure UWB solutions for IoT devices, and complement the existing automotive smart car access and mobile secure ranging UWB solutions.

NXP Trimension portfolio
NXP has rebranded its UWB devices as Trimension, with two new devices for UWB-enabled IoT devices (Image: NXP)

The devices are part of NXP’s vision of using UWB technology to enable environments where doors lock and unlock in response to the owner’s actual presence, where cars are shared with a simple touch of a screen or accessed handsfree, where smart home automation systems follow their owners intuitively and efficiently from one room to another, and people spend less time searching because misplaced items can be easily and quicky tracked.

Commenting on the new devices, the senior vice president and CTO of HID Global, Ramesh Songukrishnasamy, said, “With higher levels of accuracy in positioning capabilities along with increased data security compared to other RF technologies, UWB will significantly improve the handsfree access control user experience in places such as offices, hospitals, educational institutions, and homes. Based on its fine-ranging capability, we also believe UWB will enable many new location-based services and device-to-device IoT applications both in consumer products and industrial applications.”

The Trimension SR150 adds angle-of-arrival (AoA) technology for an added level of precision for IoT devices that could benefit from UWB enablement in larger infrastructures, such as access control installations, indoor localization setups, and payment schemes, as well as consumer electronics. Several SR150 IC devices can be placed in a room as UWB anchors to help localize people and objects as they move. The device is connected to the company’s EdgeLock secure element for secure ranging, and also features RTOS and Linux software for IoT integration.

UWB access control NXP
The Trimension SR150 in an access control application (Image: NXP)

Optimized for low-power operation, the Trimension SR040 is designed for use in battery-operated IoT devices, including UWB trackers and tags, and can be integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy or other connectivity controllers in one device. Being used as a time difference of arrival (TDoA) RTLS tag, they can send blink packets only. The device features on- chip flash firmware for download-free booting and features an integrated Tx/Rx switch.

UWB item tracking NXP
The Trimension SR040 is designed for use in battery-operated IoT devices, including UWB trackers and tags (Image: NXP)

Both Arm Cortex based devices are IEEE 802.15.4z compatible, with a pre-developed FiRa MAC from NXP in both devices ensures interoperability and fast time-to-market. In addition, the Trimension OL23D0 complements the range of dedicated IoT solutions as an open, fully customer programmable UWB controller for IoT applications.

SR150 and SR040 ICs are available in modules and development kits supplied by selected NXP partners such as Amotech, Mobile Knowledge and Sunway Communication. Mobile Knowldge, a Barcelona, Spain, based embedded systems engineering consultancy released a UWB kit in parallel with the launch of the new Trimension ICs, offering a set of hardware, software tools and documentation to enable prototyping of ideas of UWB-based solutions.

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Lower parasitic loss in 200mm RF GaN-on-Si epi wafer

2020-10-26 12:20 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

IGaN of Singapore is claiming lower losses from its 200mm RF GaN-on-silicon epi wafers. “Despite the great promise showcased by GaN-on-Si RF electronics, there remain few issues to be resolved,” according to company technologist Dr Karthikeyan S. “One such issue is the presence of parasitic channel formed at III-nitride/silicon interface, which leads to parasitic loss, ...

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2020-10-26 12:02 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Viavi today announced the company successfully participated in a global O-RAN plugfest hosted by several Tier-1 communications service providers (CSPs) and the O-RAN ALLIANCE. The plugfest involved a series of on-site demonstrations in multiple countries, conducted in September and October 2020. VIAVI provided industry-leading 4G and 5G test and validation platforms to support the worldwide ...

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Only Connect: On Belden’s Digital Electricity cables

2020-10-26 11:29 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

In a well-established word of electrical / electronics assembly it is hard to believe the sheer number of new products that reach the market each year, but let's take a worthwhile look at Belden's new Digital Electricity Cables.

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Interesting way to spend five minutes – the UK’s giant wave tank

2020-10-26 11:10 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

RS Components has been running a mini-series on Team SeaQuest, a bunch of maker-engineers brought together to build a boat with a particular mission, followed on RS’s DesignSpark website. This episode sees the team and its prototypes at QinetiQ’s huge ocean simulator for scale model boats in Hampshire. This fascinating facility has a tank 121m long, ...

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Qualcomm QCS610 micro SoM and devkit to power AI and ML smart cameras

2020-10-26 11:09 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Last July, we missed Qualcomm’s announcement of QCS410 and QCS610 processors designed to bring “premium...


Würth Elektronik is your reliable PCB partner

2020-10-26 10:00 ElectronicsWeekly EW Staff

Find out more about our unique PCB portfolio from basic to high-end technologies.

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STMicro launches cheaper STM32WB30 and STM32WB35 Bluetooth LE & Zigbee MCUs

2020-10-26 08:46 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

STMicro introduced the first wireless STM32 microcontrollers in 2018 with STM32WB Cortex-M4/M0+ MCU family equipped...


Imec developing 15 minute Covid test

2020-10-26 07:30 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Imec has started developing a SARS-CoV-2 test. Unlike current approaches (using blood, saliva, or a nasopharyngeal swab), the new test will identify SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in a person’s exhaled breath. The solution promises the accurate identification of a contagious case in less than five minutes. This will make for faster, easier, more comfortable, and larger- ...

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6.5V bare die SiC MOSFETs available

2020-10-26 07:06 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

GeneSiC Semiconductor of Dulles Virginia, has announced 6.5kV SiC MOSFETs for medium-voltage power conversion applications such as traction, pulsed power and smart grid infrastructure. 6.5kV SiC MOSFET bare chips available now are designated G2R300MT65-CAL and G2R325MS65-CAL. Full SiC modules using the technology are soon to be released. Applications are expected to include traction, pulsed power, ...

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‘Create your own EMC trouble-shooting kit’

2020-10-26 07:01 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Saelig has introduced a 180-page book “Create Your Own EMC Troubleshooting Kit: Essential Tools for EMC Troubleshooting” by Ken Wyatt. This first volume in his EMC Troubleshooting Series covers the benefits of creating a personal EMC troubleshooting kit and also defines which products to include. Individual chapters name suitable Spectrum Analyzers, Near Field Probes, Current Probes, ...

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Yamaichi in mass production of VW Quadlock interface

2020-10-26 07:00 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Yamaichi has further developed and optimised the Volkswagen standard interface. Mass production has already started. In general, junction boxes, which are used in automotive infotainment systems for the internal wiring and control of loudspeakers, are a common interface. Yamaichi has further developed and improved this I/O connector, which is based on a Volkswagen standard interface (Quadlock) The ...

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Modberry 500 CM4 DIN Rail Industrial Computer Features Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

2020-10-26 05:36 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

We’ve been writing about Techbase Modberry industrial embedded computers with DIN-Rail enclosures such as Modberry...


Ed Covets The Track ‘n Trace Bonanza

2020-10-26 02:00 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

The biggest scam since Y2K is underway and I can’t get into it, Ed confides to his diary. Chums of the Health Minister have firms which are picking up hundreds of millions for providing Track and Trace services. It’s appalling that I am locked out of this bonanza. But I have a cunning plan. One ...

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Seeed offers PCB assembly discounts for RPi CM4 boards and teases CM4 carrier

2020-10-25 18:10 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Seeed is offering $500 off its Seeed Fusion PCB Assembly Service for Raspberry Pi CM4-based commercial products and five free boards for open source developers. Seeed also teased its own upcoming CM4 carrier. Seeed has announced a sponsorship promotion for its Seeed Fusion PCB assembly service for customers developing boards built around the new Raspberry […]


BL602 IoT SDK and $5 DT-BL10 WiFi & BLE RISC-V development board

2020-10-25 05:51 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Yesterday, we wrote about Bouffalo BL602 32-bit RISC-V WiFI and Bluetooth LE wireless SoC that...


BL602/BL604 RISC-V WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 LE SoC will sell at ESP8266 price point

2020-10-24 06:38 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Hisilicon Hi3861 may be the first RISC-V WIFI SoC we’ve reported on, but due to...


Ubuntu 20.10 release showcases Raspberry Pi support

2020-10-23 23:07 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Canonical released Ubuntu 20.10 with optimized Raspberry Pi images for all major Pi SBCs and modules, including a full Desktop version that runs on higher-end models. There is also improved micro cloud support, including the Pi-ready MicroK8s 1.19. With last October’s launch of Ubuntu 19.10, Canonical improved on the Linux distribution’s Raspberry Pi support by […]


Coffee Lake system can expand via M.2, mini-PCIe, PCIe, and Xpansion

2020-10-23 20:31 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

MiTac’s fanless, rugged “MX1-10FEP” embedded computer has an 8th or 9th Gen Coffee Lake Core or Xeon CPU plus 3x SATA bays, 4x USB 3.1 Gen 2, 2x M.2, 2x mini-PCIe, and optional PCIe x16 and x1. MiTac recently introduced a Coffee Lake based MX1-10FEP computer that is also being distributed by ICP Germany. This […]


Gadget Watch: Vodafone’s Curve serves as GPS tracker

2020-10-23 18:04 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

Apparently there is a new end-to-end product design and development arm of Vodafone, called Vodafone Smart Tech, and it's produced these location tracking devices: the Curve GPS tracker, the V-Kids Watch and the V-Pet Tracker.

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Wearables: A boost for flexible solar cells

2020-10-23 17:24 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

Luminescent solar concentrators are sheets that collect light at various wavelengths and re-emit it at a wavelength better matched to a solar cell. They can be created in various geometries – for example a flat sheet can be arranged to collect light over its large surface, and then re-emit it from one edge to a ...

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Triumphing Over Trade Disputes

2020-10-23 15:23 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

The great CEO of Toshiba Semiconductors, Tsuyoshi Kawanishi, forged a warm relationship with America despite the trade issues bedevilling the industry during his tenure. “I made my first trip to the United States in 1960, eight years after entering Toshiba,” recalls Kawanishi in his book Chip Management, “I made the trip to study semiconductors under ...

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Most Read articles – Compute Module, Android TV, Nasa research

2020-10-23 13:33 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

There's an IoT supervision system, the new Compute Module 4 from Raspberry Pi, Cree selling its LED business, the first Android TV 4K Freeview Play recorder and NASA selecting its first “human-tended” suborbital research experiments...

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The sort of speed record that you can try

2020-10-23 13:04 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

Land speed record cars are fascinating things, with technology pushed to its limits. If safety of the driver is of primary concern – as it should be – then few people can afford to play at the highest levels. However, I just came across something that sounds fun, and intellectually challenging, and safe for the ...

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Whitepaper: Why Custom SoCs are cost-effective and efficient for IoT

2020-10-23 12:21 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

Find out how Custom SoCs can help the development of IoT products to meet the requirements of a specific application or differentiate a product from the competition. A Socionext whitepaper, now available, discusses these issues.

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Embedded Workbench adds support for position-independent RH850 code for automotive

2020-10-23 12:15 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

IAR Systems Embedded Workbench C/C++ compile and debug toolchain can now generate position-independent code and position-independent data for Renesas’ RH850 automotive MCUs. “The added functionality is useful in systems where applications are loaded dynamically,” according to IAR. “When using position-independent code and read-only data [ROPI], the compiler will generate code that uses PC-relative references for ...

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E3K all-in-one wireless bio-sensing platform supports EMG, ECG, and EEG sensors

2020-10-23 12:09 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Over the year, The maker community has designed several platforms to monitor vital signs with...


element14/Vishay buck regulator webinar

2020-10-23 10:57 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

element14 and Simon Foley of Vishay will hold a webinar entitled “5 Things to Know About Buck Regulators” on 4 November, 2020 12pm BST. Automation is driving the world into a completely new era of communication. As a result, the power ecosystem is now fundamentally being transformed into a workhorse, to deliver essential energy to those critical IT infrastructures. Vishay ICs, provide ...

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ClearFog CX CN9K Mini-ITX 10GbE/5GbE networking SBC runs Linux or FreeBSD

2020-10-23 10:23 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Last year, SolidRun introduced ClearFog CX LX2X networking single board computer offering up to 100GbE...


NEC and ADI collaborate on 5G Massive MIMO RAN

2020-10-23 07:19 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

NEC and ADI have teamed up to design a 5G Network Massive MIMO Antenna Radio Unit for Rakuten Mobile. The radio unit adopts ADI’s wideband RF transceiver to achieve Massive MIMO and possesses a 5G open vRAN interface corresponding to Rakuten Mobile’s virtualized cloud-native mobile network. It uses 3.7GHz frequency Massive MIMO and digital beamforming technology. ...

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Lockheed Martin gets approval for Shetland Space Centre plans

2020-10-23 07:14 ElectronicsWeekly Alun Williams

The UK government has approved plans for Lockheed Martin to transfer its small satellite launch operations to Shetland Space Centre. It hopes this will lead to the creation of “hundreds of space jobs” in Scotland. The UK Space Agency (UKSA) believes the company’s plans to move its UK Pathfinder Launch to the Shetland site, at ...

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SiPearl joins CXL Consortium

2020-10-23 07:11 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

SiPearl, which is designing the microprocessor for the European exascale supercomputer, has joined the CXL Consortium, whose founding members are Alibaba, Cisco, Dell EMC, Facebook, Google, HPE, Huawei, Intel and Microsoft. Together, they are developing the technical specifications for the CXL technology, which will be the future open high-performance protocol for interconnecting microprocessors, their devices ...

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TMR-based sensors from Crocus

2020-10-23 07:00 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

Murata is now including in its portfolio advanced 1D linear and 2D angular sensor devices from Crocus Technology based on tunnel magnetic resistance (TMR) technology. With two different temperature and packaging options, the sensor devices offer elevated levels of operational stability over a broad temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, or from 40°C to +125°C ...

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Intel Elkhart Lake COM’s offer up to 3x 2.5GbE, SIL2 functional safety

2020-10-23 06:04 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

Since the launch of the Intel Elkhart Lake IoT Edge processor family, we’ve covered several...


The Regulator’s Dilemma

2020-10-23 02:21 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

The anti-trust moves against Google in the US throw up a dilemma: Do you really want to stymie the best player in a sector? According to Statcounter, a company tracking more than 10 billion page views across more than 2 million websites per month, Google’s market share in the U.S. currently amounts to 81.5% on ...

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PineCube camera kit arrives for $30

2020-10-22 20:35 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Pine64’s $30 PineCube camera dev kit runs Linux on an Allwinner S3 and offers a 5MP, OmniVision OV5640 based M12 camera with IR night-vision plus audio I/O, WiFi, 10/100 LAN with PoE, USB, 26-pin GPIO, and optional battery and display. The open-spec PineCube was first revealed by Pine64 in early 2019 as a device called […]


Mid-travel tact switch with soft sound

2020-10-22 17:55 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

Following on from an ultra-quiet 8mm tact switch in May, C&K has launched a ‘soft sound’ 12mm mid-travel tact switch, also aimed at automotive use. Called the SFS 12 Series, they are designed to have a positive haptic feeling and last for at least 300,000 cycles (1million cycles disconnected). There is a choice of actuation force: ...

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Turing Pi 2 clusters four Raspberry Pi CM4 modules

2020-10-22 17:34 LinuxGizmos Eric Brown

Turing Machines unveiled a “Turin Pi 2” Mini-ITX board that clusters 4x Raspberry Pi CM4 modules with a Layer-2 managed switch along with 2x GbE, 4x USB, 2x mini-PCIe, and 2x SATA 3.0. Turing Machines Inc., which earlier this month announced a final 1K run of its Turing Pi cluster board, announced a second-gen Turing […]


Lanmodo Vast Pro dashcam helps you drive more safely at night (Crowdfunding)

2020-10-22 15:43 CNXSoft Jean-Luc Aufranc (CNXSoft)

There are plenty of dashcams on the market to record accidents or other events that...


Sugar On Analysts

2020-10-22 15:30 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

20 years ago Lord Alan Sugar was telling EW his views on analysts and product definition: ”The new wave of market analysts, or so-called experts, frown upon some of our product introductions as not the way the market is going,” His Lordship told EW. ”I am afraid they tend to judge what they think is ...

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Fable: BOGU

2020-10-22 15:25 ElectronicsWeekly David Manners

A company once adopted a business strategy called BOGU. The company had a very large customer which it could not afford to offend if it wanted to survive. Many people in the industry admired the company for adopting BOGU. The company took the view that if it executed well on BOGU then it would prevail ...

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Cambridge spin-out offers ‘smallest’ flow sensor

2020-10-22 13:37 ElectronicsWeekly Steve Bush

University of Cambridge spin-out Flusso has launched what it claims to be “the world’s smallest flow sensor” – with a 3.5 x 3.5mm footprint. Called FLS110, it is a CMOS device designed for gas flow measurements, with gas entering and leaving through two tubular stubs. Flow range is up to 200cm3/min directly through the sensor, ...

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